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of Notion in just One day!

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Are you struck trying to learn & use Notion effectively for work & life?

Do you feel any of the following?

  • Attempting to understand Notion's functions & all the elements but not knowing all the ins and outs

  • Feeling paralyzed and not knowing the first steps

  • Getting started and becoming totally overwhelmed

You don't want yet another project management tool that you download

intending to learn but give up after getting confused and stuck....

You are overwhelmed by the platform

Looking at a blank Notion page can be intimidating. Where do you even start?

You don't want complex trainings, you just want the Key elements to actually get up and running

Many online courses for Notion are pretty extensive and can take a really long time to finish. You just want to figure out the basics to get started and learn as you go.

You want to not have to watch a ton of youtube videos to get what you need

YouTube videos are great-it's how I learned. But I never found something that walked step-by-step through the entire software. This is the course I wish I had when I was first learning how to use the software.

I've spent the last 18 months using Notion every single day and mastering it.

However, at the beginning, it was a lot to figure out & pretty complicated, time consuming and took way longer to figure out than I would have liked.

This is the program I wish I had had when first learning Notion: The basic fundamentals of how the platform works.

Struggled for years To find a system that worked for me

I Struggled for years To find a system that worked for me

Even after using project management tools for years it was an uphill battle to find a system. I also have ADHD, so many of the tutorials I was watching on YouTube were not made for neurodivergent brains.

Maybe like me you've tried a lot of things
-Buying planners but not using them
-Digital planners on your iPad (they are cute but not super practical)

Or maybe you've tried one of Notion's competitors

  • Asana

  • Trello

  • Airtable

  • Evernote

  • Clickup

  • etc….

But they were too strict and restrictive or just didn't work for you.

After many years, in spring of 2021 I found Notion and it all clicked

Notion is the first platform that made sense with my ADHD brain

After months of trial and error, I finally felt like I had conquered the platform.

I don't want you to also take as long as it took me to learn Notion and the ways you can use it for yourself. I will say there is a learning curve, but with practice it has become my go-to tool for so many things in my life

As a marketing coach for over 5 years and a content creator for over 15, I have taken my knowledge and put all my effort into learning and creating content around this platform

Simplify your life.

Improve your focus.

Master your digital organization.

Organize your life & Save time

One of the key results of Notion is having a free all in one tool that allows you plan and track your life, from work to family to health & fitness, brings together your life operating system into one app instead of 10. This course helps bring even more time saving by focusing on the most important lessons I’ve learned & utilizing realistic uses of Notion

Be more productive

Notion works best when it’s an integrated system, vs a bunch of templates that don’t talk to each other. In this course, I share ways I personally automate and connect Notion into a more fully functional system that allows you to be more productive and accomplish your goals.

Have all your info accessible in a “second brain”

Imagine using Microsoft Excel except you can add images, videos, diagrams, and view it in multiple views, like a calendar, a kanban board, Notion is all of that and more.

Having all your information that is usually in your head stored online, it can remove the stress and mental load of keeping and storing that internally and be able to not only see it but also share it.

Having a PKM (personal knowledge management) system where you can store lots of information (similar to a database/wiki) can be so useful when you are trying to do any kind of research or creative endeavors.

Guess what??

You can learn Notion


Spending months and months learning


SPending hundreds on expensive courses


complex systems setup that leaves you more confused


Notion Foundations Online Course

My signature online training, walking you step by step through learning the basics of Notion & how to use it effectively. I do this through 10 video course modules to visually share how to make Notion work for you.

What comes with the course

Get so much Notion content

Instant Access to the entire course

All of the modules of the course are available at once so you can learn at your own pace.

Notion Resource Library

Snag all of my favorite Notion resources (apps, links) + bonus videos from my YouTube library of content

Life Tracker Template (a $30 value)

Download my best selling template Life Tracker Template with the purchase of the course! It's specifically designed for ADHDers but can be used by all.

& much more

Bonuses include exclusive trainings, updates when new features are introduced to Notion and much more!

At last! Finally settling on and using a system

that makes you more organized and on top of all the things!

The course Layout

A walkthrough of what is taught in this course

Over 60+ mini trainings that walk through each part of Notion!


Sharing why Notion is a tool you should use for managing your life & board ideas.


Templates are a huge part of Notion and many new users don’t know how to import and utilize them correctly. I walk through both Notion’s internal templates as well as ones you can buy or get online.


Setting up Notion by introducing each element & block that Notion offers and demonstrating how they are both created and used.

This includes many of the basic options that you use on a daily basis within the software.


Expanding beyond the basics, I share the usefulness of the advanced elements of Notion and best practices. These are great for more advanced users but I try to simplify them.


Walking through each of the 6 types of database views: List View, Table View, Calendar View, Board View, Gallery View and Timeline View.


The biggest chunk: Highlighting every property of databases. From relations to rollups and everything in between.


How to actually use Notion with all the views, including filtering, sorting, group and moving elements around.


Sharing Notion when working with a team and with others and how to publish Notion pages to the web.


Wondering about selling Notion templates? I walk through that process, from ideation to publishing to sales & marketing.



Sharing how to automate with Zapier, IFTTT/Alexa, and to quickly send information from multiple other apps.


The course is laid out in modules with individual videos for each element within Notion for easy walkthrough and step by step training.

Walking through Life Tracker Template

The 13 Pillar System

Within my Life Tracker Template (included in the template) I organize everything by the 13 pillars (this is inspired by August Bradley, another amazing Notion creator. I have made it my own and customized it)

These are also color coordinated.

Within this includes:

  • Travel: A great place to organize trips, memories, world geography, etc...

  • Family: Organize family members, memories, family history, etc....

  • Friends/Social: Networking, Dating, Friends, Events, etc....

  • Personal Admin/Finance: Credit Cards, Stocks, 401K, Bills, Taxes, etc...

  • Entertainment: TV, Podcasts, Movies, Podcasts, etc...

  • Business Projects: Offers, Proposals, Book, Courses, etc....

  • Client Operations/Execution: Contacts, CRMs, Client Onboarding, etc....

  • Content Creation: Social Media, Content Planning, Branding, Ideation, etc...

  • Sales/Marketing: Pricing, Ads, etc...

  • Mental Clarity: ADHD, Mental Health, Emotions & Moods, etc....

  • Health/Fitness: Food, Meal Planning, Groceries, Fitness Tracking, etc...

  • Mind Expansion/Learning: Books, Courses & Trainings, PDFs, Notes, etc...

Notion Foundations

Learn the fundamentals of Notion in just a day!

Instant Access to the Course

Notion Resource Library

ADHD Life Tracker Template (a $30 value)

Much more!


Some Amazing Testimonials about Jenna &

her Notion Content

After teaching on YouTube Notion content for the last year and a half, I've gotten so many amazing testimonials

on my systems, templates and Notion content

My goal with this course is building a great foundation and starting point with how you can use Notion to build your own life operating system, create your own templates or whatever you want to use Notion.

After you finish the course, you will feel empowered and knowledgable about the platform and start ideating all the ways YOU personally can use it!

For every person there is still a lot you will learn, like how it best works for your brain.
Notion is extremely customizable so it may take time for you to understand how it best works for YOU.

Templates are a starting point. Courses are a starting point.

It only really works if you actually spend time with trial and error.

I hope that this is a great foundation for you and your Notion journey!

It needs to start now!

Don't spend forever saying you will learn Notion but remain stuck 6 months from now

Notion Fundamentals

Instant Access to the Course

Notion Resource Library

ADHD Life Tracker Template (a $30 value)

Much more!



Some questions that get asked often

Is this for beginners?

Yes this class is perfect for brand new users as well as those who have tried to use it and want a very in depth walk through of all the pieces.

Exposure to all the features before you attempt to use it brings so much awareness and helps really display what is possible

How much time is required?

Many of the videos are short so it is faster to go through (considered a mini-course) so you could definitely finish within a day. I recommend watching the video and then trying out each element for yourself.

Do I have access forever?

Yes! Plus I will be adding updates as Notion adds them!

Don't miss out on this amazing course to learn more about Notion!

Notion Foundations

Learn Notion in a day!

Instant Access to the Course

Notion Resource Library

ADHD Life Tracker Template (a $30 value)

Much more!

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